Add A Pet To Your Family This Labor Day Weekend: Animals Available For Adoption On Long Island

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Whether you’re a dog-loving adventurer or a cat-crazy bookworm, take advantage of this holiday weekend by bringing home your new best friend. Remember, while the amount of time each individual pet needs to adjust to their new homes varies, it can take months for pets to become fully comfortable in their new environment, so patience is the key to a lifetime of kisses and tail wags! 

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

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*Double Adoption* Six-month-old local rescues Elsie (Adoption #BF4151) and Evan (Adoption #BF4152) go together like peas and carrots. When they were apart, Elsie was feeling overwhelmed by shelter life, but once reunited, they vowed to never leave each other’s side!  They’re a purrfect match and we plan to keep it that way!  A home with older children is best when it comes to this beautiful, shy sibling duo.

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*Double Adoption* Rhodes (Adoption #BF4165) and Delphi (Adoption #BF4166) have had a few setbacks in their short lives.  Success in their home will come from adults with experience nurturing fearful kittens and older children, offering them a consistent, predictable environment. However, once they feel comfy in their new setting, these five-month-old kittens could play all day!

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One-year-old Jacque (Adoption #H212151) is a special cat looking for a special adopter. Formerly a part of Animal League America’s Foster Care Program, he’s now looking for a home he can call his own. Veterinarians discovered Jacque has a heart murmur that will require medication for the rest of his life. This condition is covered at cost by the rescue’s Pet Health Centers. Watching him, you wouldn’t know about his condition; as you can see from the photo, he’s a little scamp!  He’d do best as the only pet in your home.

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*Special Request- Double Adoption and Senior Alert*   Bonded 12-year-old Nunu (Adoption #MA3848) and 15-year-old Grady (Adoption #MA3849) are hoping they’ll find a family committed to providing them the golden retirement they deserve.  They’re already showing everyone in their quiet ways how fortunate they feel to be safe and together. Wait until they’re able to fully share their gratitude when you welcome them home!

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*Double Adoption* Seven-year-old George Clooney (Adoption #BF4341) and five-year-old Grace Kelly (Adoption #BF4342) were locally rescued and safely brought to Animal League America’s Adoption Center where they will wait in a quiet room for their destiny to unfold. They’re looking for a peaceful, predictable home with older kids who can offer them the time and space they need to settle back into a household. George is FIV+ but has lived harmoniously with Grace most of his life. They’re making sure they’ll get to feel the comfort of their friendship every day forever, and with the help of a committed family, George and Grace will be starring in a happy tale featuring you!

Adoption Zuke

You’re going to have zoodles of fun with Zuke (Adoption #NCR5834)! This outstanding two-year-old tuxedo loves to play, but loves ear rubs even more. The only thing he asks is that he be the only pet in his home, but with his delightful purrsonality and playful spirit, he’s more than enough to keep you company furever!

Adoption Felix

*Senior Alert* Felixx   (Adoption #CO0087) is an extra special senior worthy of a peaceful rest of his life inside with devoted humans. This ten-year-old gentleman has been nothing short of purrfect from the moment he arrived, with the loveliest manners and gracious head butts to show appreciation to his Animal League America hosts as he waits for what’s next for him. Felixx has already experienced a lot of chaos, ultimately being discovered by a hero in a feeding colony. His capacity to keep moving forward, and never look back, is an inspiration to all the humans in Bianca’s Furry Friends who love him. Felixx deserves for the rest of his life to be extra loving—and you deserve a loyal best friend thanking you daily for providing him the home he’s always deserved.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit their Port Washington campus today!

Available for adoption through Lend-a-Paw Inc.

Adoption Tina

Tina loves to mingle and hangout with other cats and absolutely loves to snooze and relax in her cozy bed. She can be shy at times, but once she knows she can relax and trust you, she’ll hangout with you all day long. 

Adoption Ducky

Ducky earned his name because he spent a few days wandering around a duck pond down in Louisiana before he collapsed on someone’s porch and had to be rushed to the vet back last October. Now Ducky is healthy and loving his foster family but is seeking a forever home to all his own. He does best with female dogs, no cats and good with kids. He loves to play with his toys all day!

Adoption Nanook

Rescued from the euthanasia list just last month, Nanook’s journey has been one of remarkable transformation. Thanks to her dedicated foster parent, she has blossomed into an incredibly affectionate and wonderful companion. At approximately 5 years old, Nanook is still on the slender side, currently weighing in at just 38 pounds. Her foster parent has done an exceptional job helping her regain a healthy weight. Nanook, though a gentle giant, is full of love and adoration. She finds immense joy in going on jogs and has a playful and excitable nature. Due to her exuberance, it’s recommended she finds a forever home with children aged 13 years and older. Nanook has exhibited excellent behavior in her foster home, displaying her non-destructive nature. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this stunning girl into your life! 

Adoption Tiffany

Introducing the charming Tiffany! This 2-year-old beauty tips the scales at 52 lbs. and is full of delightful qualities. Tiffany’s sweet nature shines through her love for stuffed animals, Kongs, pup cups, and even raspberries. Her treat-driven personality makes training a breeze, and she’s already mastered commands like sit, paw, and all done. When she’s ready to unwind, Tiffany enjoys cuddling up with you or finding a cozy spot to rest. With a playful spirit, Tiffany thrives while running around the yard, chasing sticks and balls. Her leash manners are improving, and she’s a quick learner too. While she hasn’t been around children, her strength suggests she might be better suited to teenagers and adults. An ideal home for her would be without other animals and where someone is home most of the time. 

If you can provide these special sweethearts with the loving home they deserve, consider applying at lendapawinc.com/adoption or call (516) 405-0065 for more information today. 

Available for adoption at the Smithtown Animal Shelter

Adoption Nanook

The beautiful Nora is a two-year-old Domestic Shorthair who was found as a stray and never claimed. It’s hard to resist falling in love with Nora once you see her stunning green eyes! Nora has a very sweet nature and is affectionate and outgoing with everyone she meets. Nora is sure to be a purrfect addition to any home that is willing to love and cherish her forever.

To adopt this cutie patootie, please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!