Long Island Press Editor Appears on ABC’s 20/20 Episode on Gilgo Beach Case

Stream the ABC 20/20 ‘Long Island Serial Killer’ full episode on hulu
Stream the ABC 20/20 ‘Long Island Serial Killer’ full episode on hulu

A two-hour special edition of 20/20 focusing on the Gilgo Beach serial killer case that debuted Friday, Sept. 8 on WABC-TV featured an interview with the editor of the Long Island Press.

Timothy Bolger, who is editor in chief of both the Press and Dan’s Papers, spoke to the television news magazine as one of the few local news reporters on Long Island who has been covering what is known as the Long Island Serial Killer case since the story broke 13 years ago in December 2010.

Bolger, who has been with the Press for 20 years, was one of dozens of sources who appeared in the episode, which is now available on demand via the online streaming service Hulu

The show aired nearly two months after the arrest of Massapequa Park architect Rex Heuermann, who has pleaded not guilty to killing three women and is a prime suspect in a fourth. Police found a total of 10 sets of human remains in and around Gilgo Beach while searching for a missing woman who was also found dead nearby.

The Press was the only local news outlet on LI to cover the disappearance of Gilgo victim Megan Waterman after she was reported missing and before her body was found. 

Bolger’s in-depth coverage has included scoops on red herrings in the case, the unidentified victim known as Peaches being the mother of the lone child in the case, and that Heuermann lived two blocks from the Nassau County Police Department Academy for 15 years before being arrested.

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