Democrats Officially Put Forward Santos Expulsion Resolution

George Santos at a June 2022 campaign event for Lee Zeldin. (Bruce Adler)
Photo by Bruce Adler

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-California) has officially put forward a resolution to hold a vote to expel George Santos from the House of Representatives.

The resolution is privileged, and the leadership will have to hold a vote on the matter within two days. This is the second expulsion resolution following the damning House Ethics Committee Report on Santos, which found hee likely committed numerous federal crimes.

Following that report, Rep. Michael Guest (R-Mississippi) introduced a resolution to expel Santos.

Santos has already survived two expulsion votes — one introduced in May by Democrats, and the other introduced in November by Republicans. However, since the Nov. 17 release of the Ethics Committee findings, several members who voted to keep him in the second vote have indicated they will vote to expel him this time.

If the vote goes through, Santos would be only the sixth House member in American history to be expelled, and the first one in modern history without a criminal conviction at the time of expulsion.

Santos himself has said he expects this vote to be successful. 

Santos still faces 23 counts of federal fraud charges, and could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.