Community Mobilizes for the Restoration of Early Voting at Elmont Library


Over 100 residents and a Nassau County legislator recently joined forces to demand restoration of early voting at the Elmont Public Library.

“Our community speaks in one voice in its demand for the restoration of early voting at the Elmont Memorial Library,” Legislator Carrié Solages (D-Valley Stream) said at a Jan. 25 meeting. “The focus of this united effort is not only on the grievances faced during the 2023 election but on ensuring that the community regains access to a vital resource for civic participation in future elections, particularly the upcoming Presidential election.”

Last fall, the library board opted to cease utilizing its facilities for early voting, a move which Solages said he believes significantly restricts community access to polling places during the crucial 10-day window leading up to primary and general elections.

The decision followed the November 2023 general election.

Solages has called for an investigation by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office into the allegations and complaints of unlawful electioneering, voter intimidation, and election fraud at the Elmont Library during the 2023 election and is also urging Republican Board of Elections officials to commit to supporting Elmont Library workers. This support is crucial to insulating them from potential election-based confrontations and allegations during future early voting periods.