Mineola Set To Receive New York State Pro-Housing Certification


Mineola Set To Receive New York State Pro-Housing Certification

The Village of Mineola is one of 20 municipalities in New York set to receive pro-housing certification.

The certification is part of an initiative called the Pro-Housing Community Program, designed to recognize municipalities committed to housing growth and give them priority for up to $650 million in state discretionary funding, to be used to increase their housing supply.

“The Village of Mineola is proud to be recognized by New York State as a pro-housing community,” Mineola Mayor Paul Pereira said. “Mineola has been leading the way on Long Island in smart growth and transit-oriented development for nearly two decades. The village is looking forward to working with our partners in state government to continue to grow in a manner that makes sense for the community while meeting the growing needs for housing on Long Island.”

 The Pro-Housing Community Program was first signed as an executive order by Gov. Kathy Hochul in 2023. It’s part of Hochul’s long term housing goal, which is aimed at “protecting current and prospective tenants and homeowners, and making it even easier to access and apply for affordable housing.”

“The only way to solve the housing crisis is to build hundreds of thousands of new homes, and through the Pro-Housing Communities program, my administration is continuing to put its full-fledged support, including up to $650 million, behind communities that are serious about housing growth,” Hochul said.