2024 Best of Long Island Winners Announced

Best of Long Island
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The 19th annual Bethpage Best of Long Island contest winners were announced on Feb. 28. A winners party will be held on March 26 at The Inn at New Hyde Park.

More than a million votes were cast in the 2024 competition, and more than 100,000 nominations were received for the 2024 contest. The list of winners can be found at bestoflongisland.com or in the comprehensive winners guide on newsstands now. 

“We have the best businesses in the world,” NewsdayTV lifestyle host Elisa DiStefano said while hosting the 2023 Bethpage Best of Long Island winner’s party. “I know how challenging it has been to stay in business, especially these last few years on Long Island, so the fact that you not only survived but thrived and won Best of Long Island, you should be really proud. Congratulations.”

The VIP Winners Event is an exclusive celebration to be held at The Inn at New Hyde Park on Tuesday, March 26, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Elisa DiStefano is the special guest.

To purchase tickets, call Celeste Alamin at 516-962-3700 or purchase at bestoflongisland.com. Tickets are nonrefundable and are not available at the door.

About Best of Long Island

Hundreds of businesses, people, charities, and other entities faced off in the latest round of competition. Upon conclusion of the 75-day voting period on Dec. 15, a third party began tallying the votes, weeding out fraudulent activity and having an independent auditor certify the fairness and accuracy of the results, so the winners can tout their titles with confidence.

The popularity of the contest, which originated in and is sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, continues to grow each year. Voters chose between nearly 9,000 ballots in dozens of categories, ranging from the long list of restaurant cuisines judged to the wide array of other business sectors the public ranked. Now that the numbers have been crunched, winners can shout their wins from the rooftops.

And not unlike the governmental elections, voters have been looking ahead to the next contest since the last round of voting ended. Didn’t see your favorite business, person, or place on the ballot last time? Nominate them in the 2025 Best of LI contest now through Aug. 31!

Supporters can cast their votes this fall when the polls open again Oct. 1 through Dec. 15. Voters are allowed one vote per email address per day for each category. More information can be found at bestoflongisland.com.

Of course, the winners of this contest couldn’t be called “the best” without the support of voters. When all is said and done, it was Long Islanders — not the contest organizers who coordinate this program to support fellow local businesses — who crowned the winners of the 2024 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest.


Nominate your favorite businesses and people in the 2025 Bethpage Best of Long Island program through Aug. 31.

Step 1: Visit bestoflongisland.com and go to “2025 Nominations.”

Step 2: Select a category and person or business you wish to nominate

Step 3: Click “Submit”

Step 4: Repeat for all of your favorite people and businesses

To find all the other 2023 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest winners, visit Bestoflongisland.com

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