Who Makes The Best Bagels On Long Island?

Who makes the best bagels on Long Island? (Getty Images)

Everyone — and we mean everyone — knows that Long Island has the best bagels. Big, soft, round and doughy, they’re delectable in any form.

And almost every town, city and hamlet on the island has its own local bagel shop that delivers the best breakfasts and lunches around. So whether you prefer yours with cream cheese or butter, lox or simply plain, try a ball of carbohydrate-goodness from the place you voted the Best Bagels on Long Island this year (and, considering the competition, that’s an honorable title to hold!).

In 2024, Long Islanders chose Blazin Bagel and Deli for best bagel on Long Island!

Blazin Bagel and Deli crafts an extraordinary bagel experience, setting a new standard for excellence in this Long Island breakfast staple. These handcrafted bagels are a testament to quality and authenticity. Boiled and baked to perfection, Blazin Bagel’s creations boast a delightful balance of chewiness and crispness, creating the ideal bagel texture. The menu showcases a variety of flavors, from classic plain and everything bagels to unique options like blueberry and Asiago. Complemented by a selection of artisanal spreads and toppings, each bagel is a culinary delight. Blazin Bagel’s commitment to freshness and flavor ensures that every bite is a savory journey, making it a beloved destination for bagel enthusiasts seeking an exceptional breakfast or brunch experience.

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