WATCH: Strain Stars NY Is Long Island’s First Legal Marijuana Dispensary

Strain Stars

In a significant step forward for marijuana legalization in New York, Strain Stars has emerged as Long Island’s inaugural legal weed dispensary, offering a diverse array of products and a commitment to customer education.

Located in Farmingdale, Strain Stars aims to redefine the cannabis retail experience by prioritizing quality, affordability, and customer service. With a comprehensive online menu, patrons can explore a wide range of options, from pre-rolls to concentrates, tailored to their individual preferences and needs.

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“Strain Stars is the first recreational, legal cannabis dispensary at the heart of Long Island here in Farmingdale,” manager Ricky told the Press. “We opened back in July, we’ve been open for about eight months now.We have one of the largest selections in New York.”

Strain Stars emphasizes education, encouraging customers to make informed decisions about their marijuana usage. From pre-ground options to topicals and tinctures, the dispensary offers something for every preference.

“We chose to be here on Long Island more specifically because we’ve had longtime links, businesses and other things that my business partners have been involved in within Long Island,” Tushar Malik, owner and co-manager, said. “Because we all live here, we knew it was very important for us to be able to give back to the community made sure that they’re all represented and getting the legal medical and recreational marijuana so they can really get very easily here.”

Video by Savanna Perry and Dylan Christie

Strain Stars

Strain Stars