What Is The Best Lighthouse On Long Island?

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Long Island’s lighthouses, sentinels of the sea, stand tall with stories as enduring as their brick and mortar, each one offers a mesmerizing glimpse into history and maritime romance.

With so many to choose from, there was no shortage of options for voters in the 2024 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest – but one stood above the rest, and that was Fire Island Lighthouse!

The Fire Island Lighthouse is a coastal marvel, gracing the shores of Long Island with its historic allure. Standing proudly since 1858, this iconic structure has served as a guiding light for sailors navigating the Atlantic. Perched at the western tip of Fire Island, the lighthouse offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding marine landscape. Visitors can climb its 182 steps to the top, where breathtaking panoramic views await. Situated within the picturesque Robert Moses State Park, the lighthouse becomes a focal point for both maritime history enthusiasts and nature seekers. Surrounded by pristine beaches and dunes, the Fire Island Lighthouse at Robert Moses State Park is a cherished landmark that harmoniously blends history, natural beauty, and coastal charm.

Fire Island Lighthouse is located at Field 5 at Robert Moses State Park.
(631) 583-5901 – fireislandlighthouse.com
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