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“Pretending a problem isn’t there doesn’t help solve the problem.”

Following outcry, aides to the New York governor announced that emails will no longer be automatically deleted after 90 days.

Questions linger after state Senate majority leadership switcheroo this week.

Transcripts of senator's recorded calls give rare glimpse into Albany "sausage making."

"You can’t punish a teacher, a district, a school—without punishing a child."

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano's spokesman said the county is not a target of the probe.

Preliminary unofficial figures suggest more than double the 30,000 LI students who opted out last year refused the latest round of Common Core exams.

"It’s a remarkable and unusual movement, grounded in three powerful motives: parents’ fierce protectiveness of their children, teachers’ drive to protect the classroom from a culture of fear and senseless unusable tests, and the public desire to protect our democracy."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised to operate the “most transparent” administration in history. But it has often fallen short.

"We are in the midst of a vast social experiment on the children of the nation and it is all tied to the standardized test."