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Federal Corruption Trial Against Ex-Suffolk DA Spota, Deputy, Begins

Ex-Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and his former top deputy were alternately described Thursday as corrupt prosecutors who allegedly conspired to cover up police brutality and as victims of overzealous federal investigators.

Suffolk DA Spota, Top Deputy Indicted for Alleged Cover-up

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and his top corruption prosecutor were indicted Wednesday for allegedly trying to cover up the ex-police chief’s beating of a suspect five years ago, federal authorities said.

Ed Walsh Fraud Trial Begins, May Feature A Who’s Who Of...

Walsh is on trial for scheming to defraud taxpayers of $80,000 in no-show work at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and Suffolk County jail. Prosecutors allege Walsh falsely represented that he was working while he was actually gambling at Foxwood’s Casino in Connecticut, golfing, or conducting Conservative Party business on the taxpayer dime. The party big was also accused of lying to FBI agents when he allegedly claimed he worked flex time for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.