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Bob Dylan launches an interactive video, Bilbo heads after Smaug and the 1913 Massacre hits DVD--all on December's must-experience list!

Danny, Jules, Joey, and Howie make up the fictional band The Furious Overfalls in Ted Heller’s latest novel West of Babylon—but Long Island is the main character.

Kieran Crowley is not just a monster journalist, he’s also one hell of a storyteller.

Alligators, Big Duck cracklers, Lou Reed, the Long Beach Boardwalk and Stephen Baldwin are this month's superstars--but who hit the bull's eye!?

Long Beach residents form a human chain of hands in remembrance of Superstorm Sandy's devastation.

Grab some tissues. You'll know why.

Testicle-hungry fish, Walter White, Dina, The Souzzler & Newsday, all on this month's hit list!