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The Holocaust And The Humanity of A People

OpEd: While other nations may have vacillated in the face of evil, Italy stood implacably in defiance of the Holocaust.

Long Islanders Push Back Against Hate Amid Anti-Semitism Crisis

Recent local high-profile hate crimes have many on edge. The incidents prompted formation of a new task force against anti-Semitism and solidarity marches in New York City and on Long Island.

Nassau Holocaust Center Gives Voice To Genocidal Rape Survivors

“Rape is used as a weapon of genocide, war, and other types of conflicts in many parts of the world. It often goes unreported during the ensuing chaos, as the more visible occurrences take most of the media spotlight. Apart from their suffering resulting from the destruction, displacement and other physical effects of the conflict, victims of this ‘silent’ atrocity are left to bear their psychological pain and trauma alone.”

Suffolk Community College Exhibit Shines Light On Long Island Nazi Camp

“Some of the scouts march behind the German swastika and the American flag to the railroad station 2 miles away through Yaphank,” according to a congressional committee. “They line up at attention beside the track and, as the train pulls in, their arms are outstretched in a Hitler salute to the arriving guests.”

Eli Rosenbaum: Nazi Hunter

Rosenbaum is the Justice Department’s longest-running investigator of human rights violators living in the United States.