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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Debuts in Huntington

A new medical cannabis dispensary opened Wednesday in Huntington.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in East Farmingdale

The fourth medical marijuana dispensary on Long Island debuted Friday with a new facility called The Botanist in East Farmingdale.

Medical Marijuana: The New Anti-Drug?

In September, the governor signed a bill that allows substance-use disorder treatment providers to recommend medical marijuana to treat pain instead of prescribing opioids. It also adds opiate-use disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

Long Island Welcomes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Riverhead & Lake Success

New Yorkers interested in signing up for the program must receive a prescription from a certified physician and then register with the New York State Department of Health.

Long Island Set to Offer Medical Marijuana at Two Dispensaries as...

Two medical marijuana facilities are set to open Friday in Riverhead and Lake Success.

420 Celebrates Marijuana, But Why? What is 420?

In marijuana enthusiasts’ circles, today is a day of special celebration. Across the country and globe, devotees of the green, leafy cannabis plant are rejoicing—and smoking—en masse.

Cuomo: Accelerate Medical Pot Program for Children with Epilepsy

"The children struggling with this condition deserve every consideration we can make that could potentially ease their pain..."

5 Facts about New York’s New Medical Marijuana Law

Someone tried to pass a version of this law for 17 years?

New York 23rd State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The Compassionate Care Act, once signed into law, would allow health practitioners to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer or other life-threatening conditions by the end of next year—but no smoking.

Poll: Almost 9 in 10 NYers Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana

A majority of New Yorkers also back the legalization of small amounts of pot for recreational use, the poll found.