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Both men discussed their cases at a news conference with their attorney, who represents them in separate lawsuits.

A 22-year-old Brooklyn man was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison for shooting a Nassau County police officer as he was fleeing the scene...

“Our resolve is intact. It’s not diminished. We’re going to catch this guy.”

“Our current facility, as built and designed, was a grammar school, not a police academy.”

Nassau County police Homicide Squad detectives are investigating whether Wednesday’s fatal shooting of a Jericho gas station clerk is related to two armed robberies...

Oral arguments were heard this week at an appeals court in Brooklyn.

“It’s almost two years, and it feels like yesterday."

He allegedly told police that he was "strapped with a bomb."

A 911 caller who reported a “man by the railing."

Both threats share the same style of squiggly penmanship, with individual letters and words exhibiting exactly the same nuances, suggesting they were written by the same author.