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Parents, Educators Raise Concerns About the ‘Lost Year’ of Academics

With many school districts not having in-person classes full time this year due to Covid-19, some people in the school community are concerned about how well students will fare this fall.

OpEd: Building Resilience to Emerge Mentally Stronger Post-pandemic

In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, an overwhelming 78 percent of American adults believe the pandemic to be a major source of stress in their lives.

Social Distancing’s Impact on Mental Health and How to Cope

The APA notes that research has shown that people who are social distancing may be vulnerable to fear and anxiety; depression and boredom; anger, frustration or irritability; and stigmatization.

Islip Terrace 17-year-old Appears on Time Magazine Cover

A Long Island high school student posed as the face of millions of young Americans’ “lost year” for the cover of Time magazine’s April 12 issue.

Tips For Supporting Your Kid’s Emotional Well-Being During the Pandemic

Here are some strategies and tips on supporting you and your children’s emotional well-being that may help your family get through this new year with firm footing. 

OpEd: A Year Later, Hope Will Carry Us Through Covid Pandemic

For me, this anniversary marks a special moment to think about not only what happened but how we can move forward. We are in no way out of the woods yet, but it appears our darkest days are behind us. 

Bob Read Memorial Fund Aids Families Struggling in Pandemic

Following Bob Read’s passing in January, the veteran broadcast journalist’s family has established a fund to provide Long Island families affected by Covid-19 with financial assistance.

Relationship Expert Offers Advice for a Healthy Marriage Amid a Pandemic

Dr. Venus Nicolino, best known as “Dr. V,” answers New York Family’s questions and shares how to maintain a healthy marriage amid a pandemic.

OpEd: Support Local Restaurants in Their Time of Need

I have watched as restaurant owners worry over an uncertain future, staff get cut after years at the same establishment and mom-and-pop shops close their doors for the last time.

OpEd: ‘Pandemic Fatigue’ Isn’t an Excuse to Ignore Covid-19 Guidance

Keep in mind that there may be no time to relax and enjoy what we’ve been missing out on if we’re hospitalized or, worse yet, one of our loved ones is.