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OpEd: Democracy Means Equal Access to Participate in Government, Elections

Fairness and equality so eloquently represented in our constitution, and the opportunity of education, and the right to vote enshrined in our laws, must be made true and real for all our citizens.

NY GOP Leaders Eye Lee Zeldin To Challenge Cuomo

Republicans are trying to recruit U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley), the congressman who represents the East End, to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat who is up for re-election next year.

Schumer Outlines U.S. Senate Priorities; Covid-19 Relief, Impeachment Among Them

It is time to walk and chew gum, and that’s just what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer believes as he announces three major issues being addressed simultaneously in the Senate.

This New Yorker Was The First Woman To Run For U.S....

In 1984, a tough New Yorker campaigned, the first woman to gamble on becoming VP: Geraldine Anne Ferraro.

Officials Call for Probe of Oyster Bay Town Raises

Several lawmakers are urging Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas to investigate whether Town of Oyster Bay worker's raises were tied to political donations, officials said Monday.

The Rise of Donald Trump Recalls the Downfall of Richard Nixon

A week is not enough time to absorb the impact of this historically divisive presidential election. It’s natural to be reeling, considering how wrong the polls were about Hillary Clinton’s prospects and how the outcome could harm the planet, let alone the country. This shock is how I felt watching the electoral returns in 1972 when President Richard Nixon obliterated the anti-Vietnam War candidate Sen. George McGovern from South Dakota.

The Surreal Politics of a Billionaire’s Tax Loophole

Hillary Clinton has gone even further than Donald Trump in promising to kill a tax break that benefits some of the wealthiest people in finance. One might reasonably expect Clinton's campaign contributions from private equity to suffer as a result of this stance, and for the money to flow overwhelmingly to the Republicans, as it did in the last presidential election. So why are private equity titans giving all their campaign money to Clinton?

NY Women in Politics Talk Gains, Struggles in Breaking Glass Ceiling

“Say ‘yes’ to everything. Men do. Don’t let anyone else decide your potential.”

Nassau District Attorney Race: Kate Murray Versus Madeline Singas

The two women’s campaign could also be the county’s costliest contest this year.