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‘Into the Badlands’: Martial Arts Drama with No Punch

Following Sunday night’s zombie apocalypse as depicted by the latest episode of The Walking Dead, AMC presented badass martial arts mayhem with its season premiere...

‘Supergirl’, Superwoman, or Neither?

“Nice to have someone like that for my daughter to look up to."

Recap: Once Upon a Time’s Dark Turn

Sunday night’s premiere of Once Upon a Time’s fifth season transported fans from the small Maine town of Storybrooke to the thick woods of...

NFL Schedule: Time & Channels For Sunday’s (& Monday’s) Games

Enough already with that Tom Brady guy.

Colbert Gets Personal With Joe Biden: VP Talks Family, Loss &...

“My son was better than me,” confided Biden. “And he was better than me in almost every way.”

This May Have Been Game of Thrones’ Most Important Episode Yet...

Winter is here, folks. Run for your lives.

Jim Breuer’s Hilarious ‘Comic Frenzy’ Special Premieres On Epix

Breuer's comedy special was filmed at The Paramount in Huntington on Valentine's Day.