Nir Rosen Apologizes for Tweets About Lara Logan’s Sexual Assault

Nir Rosen tweets
Nir Rosen’s tweets

Journalist Nir Rosen apologized on Twitter for tweets that he sent out joking about Lara Logan’s sexual assault in Egypt.

In one of the tweets Rosen, who is a war correspondent said, Logan “had to outdo Anderson,” a reference to Anderson Cooper who was also in Egypt during the early days of the Mubarak protests.

Rosen also called Logan a war monger, saying in one of his tweets, “jesus christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger.”

On Wednesday Rosen sent a tweet with a link to the website Fishbowl DC. In the interview he apologized for his remarks and told the website, “I heard that Ms. Logan was roughed up like many other journalists, I had not realized it was something more serious. I thought I would provoke a friend on Twitter, childishly, and then the exchange grew and suddenly statements that I could not possibly mean were being taken seriously and I was hurting people I didnt even know without any intention.”

Rosen issued an apology to Logan’s family and friends, and to all women.

Here are some of his tweets:
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