Obama Has Dinner with Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs

It was a dinner that would make any tech-happy kid salivate at the mouth.

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, anyone who was anyone in the technology industry attended a dinner at John Doerr’s, a venture capitalist, house in Woodside Calif. last night.

The guest of honor, however, was someone trying to tap into the technology industry to bolster the US economy.

President Barack Obama attended the dinner Thursday night to talk business with the tech leaders, and how their industry can help the US economy to continue to grow.

The official description from the White House said that the dinner was “part of our ongoing dialogue with the business community.”

Obama sure picked the right group to meet with.

The nine companies represented at the dinner have a combined worth of $938 billion.

That total is more than the gross domestic product of Turkey or the Netherlands.

Among things discussed were how to evolve math and science programs in American schools, proposals to invest in research and development, and Startup America, an initiative put forth by the President to spur entrepreneurship in the country.

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