Wisconsin Gov. Calling For an End to Collective Bargaining Rights for Unions

Thousands of people gathering in squares and public places protesting against government claiming that they are getting the short end of the political stick.

Sounds a lot like what’s happening in the Middle East, right?

While demonstrations have erupted in the Middle East, Wisconsin is also facing its own protestors today, as they fight against Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget repair bill.

The Governor, who is trying to reign in this deficit, has put the bill forward for an immediate vote.

But, much like any budget cuts, there is strong opposition to what Walker is proposing.

Walker’s bill is calling for the end of collective bargaining rights for unions, effectively killing off the unions, for every state-employed union except for cops, firefighters, and ambulance personnel.

Walker and his constituents are arguing that unions need to foot more of the bill for rising health care costs.

Yesterday, 25,000 labor supporters rallied at the Capitol building in Madison on Thursday, and today, twelve school districts were closed as a good majority of teachers called out “sick.”

The bill is headed for a showdown in the state legislature, as last night the Joint Finance Committee passed the budget repair bill as is.

Heads of unions say they are willing to go to the bargaining table with Walker, but that he has not given them the opportunity to do so yet.

A vote is expected in the State Assembly and Senate as soon as this weekend.

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