Jim Gray: Jim Gray Suspended from Golf Channel’s Coverage of Northern Trust Open

Tiger Woods didn’t make news on the golf course today, but Jim Gray did.

That’s right.  Jim Gray.  The reporter.

The aggressive sports reporter was suspended Friday from the Golf Channel’s coverage of the Northern Trust Open for his reporting during live play.

Gray, got into a heated exchange with Dustin Johnson’s caddie after he asked Johnson questions about his late tee time Thursday and receiving a two-stroke penalty.

It’s not that asking the question is wrong, it’s his job, but Gray asked Johnson the questions during live play, which is against protocol.

Gray is famous for his interview with Pete Rose in 1999 during the World Series.  Gray asked Rose about his ban from baseball for gambling, and while Rose said he was not going to admit to anything, Gray pressed on, hoping to somehow squeeze information out of Rose before the World Series game.

Then last year Gray was at it again, although in a much more comfortable setting as he appeared on “The Decision” with LeBron James as he was set to announce where he was going to play in 2010 and beyond.