Castration: Castration Gets Child Molester Out of Jail

Francis Tullier
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Francis Tullier

In order for someone to get out of jail, there are only a few possible options as to how to go about it.

You could try to break out, or maybe try to have a parole board let you out, or maybe even serve your whole sentence and wait patiently.

But for a Louisiana man, a snip of his manhood got him out of jail.

Francis Tullier, a 78 year-old man, will be released from jail next week after he had himself castrated at his own expense.

Tullier was arrested in 1999 and sentenced for three counts of molestation involving young girls. He abused the three girls several hundred times.

In his sentencing, though, his lawyer got the judge to agree to an alternate plan for Tullier to get out of jail.

Tullier agreed to a castration as part of a plea deal, and in return could get out of jail.

Originally, the process was supposed to happen about six months into Tullier’s sentence, but due to other medical conditions, the procedure has been put off until now.

If Tullier had chosen not to take the deal, he would have continued serving his jail sentence until 2024.