Atlantis: Atlantis Found, Says Group

The area believed to have been Atlantis (Courtesy National Geographic)
The area believed to have been Atlantis (Courtesy National Geographic)

Atlantis. The city underneath the sea. The city that lived as a myth in our childhood education, a forgotten place wiped away by the waters it used to thrive on.

But is it gone?

A U.S.-led team of researchers is shining new light into the mysterious location of Atlantis, and they claim to have found the lost city.

During a show called “Finding Atlantis” on the National Geographic Channel last night, head researcher Richard Freund, a University of Hartford professor, and his team revealed that Atlantis might be located in the marshlands of Dona Ana Park in southwest Spain.

The team, using satellite photography, radar, and underwater technology, believe that the city is located in the marshes and that the people who escaped Atlantis moved toward inland Spain.

Along with their evidence underneath the marshes, the team also pointed out memorial cities built in Spain, which were constructed after Atlantians had to leave Atlantis in the wake of a giant tsunami.

While the team has no definitive proof that Atlantis exists under the marshes, the discovery of the site and the memorial cities in Spain are a good starting point for finally solving the mystery.

Freund and his team have planned further excavations at the site to try and flesh out more of the mystery.