Sidney Crosby Returns to Ice as Commissioner Searches for Ways to Cut Down on Concussions


sidney crosby pictures3After missing over two months of the NHL season, star forward Sidney Crosby returned to the ice for the first time Monday in a 15-minute skate around the rink.

Although he has not given a timetable for his return to NHL action, skating was a big step forward for the Pittsburgh Penguin, who was sidelined on January 5 after being diagnosed with a concussion.

Since Crosby suffered the injury, there has been a breadth of reports as to what he exactly injured, whether or not he was injured, and even if he was going to hang his skates up for good. With his return to the ice Monday, Crosby showed a positive sign in his road to recovery.

Coincidentally, or maybe not so, Crosby’s return to the ice was on the same day league general managers and commissioner Gary Bettman met in Boca Raton, Fla. to discuss the issues piling up about concussions.

Bettman announced that players showing signs of a concussion must now undergo an evaluation by the team doctors in the locker room, as opposed to the previous protocol which only required a trainer inspect the player on the bench. The league is also looking into every arena’s board system and at the equipment players wear.