StubHub: StubHub Creates Phone App

stubhub interface

stubhub interfaceTicket re-seller StubHub is introducing a whole new way for fans to buy tickets to their favorite shows.

The company is releasing its first mobile app for purchasing tickets.

Powered through the Android operating system, StubHub is now making it easier and more convenient to buy tickets and monitor your selling of tickets on the go.

The app will allow for secure purchases of tickets, much like their website allows now, and will contain all of the features that make the website the number one place where people buy tickets.

Users will be able to view seating charts, look at seat locations, compare prices and make the purchase all from their mobile devices.

The app will also be a valuable tool for those that sell tickets, as it allows people to check the status of tickets they have for sale, edit prices on the tickets and even remove the listings all together.

StubHub is also capitalizing on geo-location features from smartphones, and the app will allow users to locate nearby events relative to their location. StubHub also promises that users can “tag” their favorite artists or sports teams, and receive notifications on tickets and prices as they become available.

The app is free of charge, and is available in the Android Marketplace. No word yet on whether the app will make it to the Apple or BlackBerry OS.