Parents of Drunk Toddler To Sue Applebee’s


Applebees Logo LowResSMgifThe parents of the toddler who was served alcohol at an Applebee’s in Michigan are suing the restaurant.

Taylor Dill-Reese and Dominic Wilson claim that their 15-month-old son was hungover for a few days after their trip to the chain restaurant. The baby, Doninick, was served a margarita mix instead of apple juice.

The suits states that the family wants money for the emotional distress they suffered, along with medical bills and non-economic bills.

It’s not the first time this has happened at an Applebees, the couple’s attorney, Willaim Stern told News Wire Service.

“It’s happened to them on multiple occasions,” Williams said. “This is an occasion that came really close if the child had ingested a little more alcohol. Fortunately they caught it when the child was acting drunk and the father tested it and realized it wasn’t apple juice.”

The parents noticed Dominic was drunk after he started saying “hi and bye to the walls” and passed out at the table.

Doctors told the couple that Dominic had a .10 blood alcohol content. The state’s drunk-driving legal level is .08.

There has been apparent “discrepancies” of what actually happened.

A police report showed a test of the drink at the restaurant showed a much lower percentage of alcohol.

“Applebee’s is cooperating fully with the authorities so that we can better understand the discrepancies in the reports and the conflicting information,” the company told News Wire Service.

Applebee’s already said it was changing the way it serves drinks to children and will be working on ways to label alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks separately.