Food From Professional Chefs : Gilt Taste

Do you know where your food comes from? The buyers from the online market known as Gilt Taste do. Online supermarkets are not that uncommon as most grocery stores provide shoppers with the advantage of buying their products online. However, Gilt Taste allows its consumers access to artisan products that were normally only available to professional chefs.

The site provides hundreds of products that consumers can order online, but it is the outlandish prices that come to a shock. From a pair of steaks ranging from $72 to $148 it is the quality of the food that keeps consumers buying. The products are handpicked by an expert team of chefs and gourmet food retailers.

Gilt Groupe just launched this online magazine and pantry that includes stories from their staff about their food and how to stay connected to the farmers that made it. It is also an interactive magazine that contains original recipes and advice and stories from chefs.

Gilt Groupe was founded in 2007 by Kevin Ryan offering apparel, accessories, and home goods that were high end fashion created by top designers. These products are available for members only on their website at a discounted price.

Their new sister site, Gilt Taste, is committed to “offering quality products that are fresh, honest and inspiring”. Although Gilt Groupe only allows access to their members, Gilt Taste offers their products and prices to be viewed without membership rather than invitation only like Gilt Groupe.

The Gilt franchise includes Gilt Man and Jetsetter both released in 2009 offering clothing for men only and exclusive travel sales. In 2010 Gilt released Gilt City which is a coupon deals website such as Groupon and Living Social. Also, the franchise now offers many apps.

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