Bronx Baby Survives 5-Story Fall

Yesterday, a 14-month-old baby girl fell from a fifth-story window at her family’s apartment in the Bronx, according to The New York Post. Unbelievably, the girl is expected to survive, authorities have stated.

Even though it’s a requirement by law for there to be window guards in apartments with young children, window guards are absent in the six-floor building where the Bronx baby’s family lives.

Xania Samuels, the baby girl who fell out of the window, was instantly raced to Jacobi Hospital. Samuels suffered head trauma after her almost fatal plunge from the building at 3230 Cruger Ave. in Bronxwood. As of 4:30 p.m., she was listed in critical condition.

The drop, which is being called an accident by authorities, happened at 11:29 am.

As stated by the first responder, no one knew the toddler had fallen out the window until seven minutes after she tumbled from the fifth-story. At the time of the incident, the father had been giving Xania’s twin brother a bath, cops said. Her mother was at the Laundromat.

The toddler’s parents have not been charged with any crimes.

Luckily for Xania, a 57-year-old emergency medical technician from Long Island, Willis Sands, noticed the baby “laying lifelessly” on a bloody cement pavement.

When Sands first spotted Xania he thought the child was a “doll” but soon after “screamed for a mother, and no one came.”

Sands said he placed the injured girl on her side to maintain her airways and then called 9-11. Five minutes later emergency assistance arrived and two minutes after that is when a fire truck showed up. At that time the father looked out his window and screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God!” the EMT added.

“That’s when I realized someone had fallen out a window,” Sands said.

“[The father] was in shock,” stated Eric Brown, who lives one flight above the baby and her family.

Fox News reported that her father thinks a winter coat may be the reason why his daughter is still alive: Xania demanded on wearing a heavily padded pink coat, her favorite, despite it being the hottest day of the year.

Hopefully the child will recover from her injuries without any permanent damage.