Three Eclipses This Month

Picture 8
Associated Press
Picture 8
Associated Press

The fact that three eclipses will be occurring within the next month is a rarity in itself but even more compelling is that it all starts with another strange occurrence- a midnight eclipse of the sun.

Unfortunately for us, the first eclipse on June 2nd will be the only one visible in the United States.

Midnight Solar Eclipse: June 2

According to the Christian Science Monitor the first eclipse will occur on Thursday, June 2, at dawn in northern China and Siberia, and will continue across the Arctic. It will end early evening Wednesday, June 1, in northeastern Canada. According to space.com during the few minutes in which the eclipse reaches its peak it will seem as if the top three-fifths of the sun has been bitten away by the moon.

A Lunar Eclipse: June 15

Occurring directly between the two solar eclipses will be a dramatic lunar eclipse on June 15.  The eclipse will be visible to millions of people in Africa, the Middle East, and southwestern Asia. Unfortunately the eclipse will not be visible at any point in the United States.

Invisible Solar Eclipse: July 1

One month later, following the midnight eclipse another eclipse will occur in the Antarctic. As a result of the southern winter the sun will be below the horizon for almost all of the Antarctica. The only area where the eclipse will be visible is in a small area of the Southern Ocean.

NASA skywatching tables are available via the NASA website with information regarding the times and locations where each eclipse will be visible. NASA warns eclipse viewers, “Never stare directly at the sun with your naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope without proper light filters. Serious eye damage can result.” For the safest viewing they advise you create a pinhole camera.