Wesley Snipes’ Appeal Rejected

It looks like celebrities don’t always get around the legal system. Wesley Snipes, in an effort to appeal his 2008 conviction for tax evasion, was turned down by the Supreme Court on Monday in order to appeal his sentence according to the Wall Street Journal.

Snipes was convicted on three misdemeanor counts and was sentenced to a 36-month in jail in 2008, according to the LA Times.

Snipes is serving his sentence in McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, which is a medium security institution with all male inmates. Snipes is now expected to be released in 2013.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Snipes originally pursued the appeal only eight days after beginning his prison sentence. In 2008 Snipes was convicted in a Florida court after requests to continue the court proceedings in New York were denied.

During the original case Snipes claimed that his constitutional rights were in violation due to the refusal to relocate the case to New York according to the Wall Street Journal.

Snipes is best known for his work as an actor and producer in the “Blade” films