Rebecca Black Appears in Katy Perry Music Video

Rebecca Black

Screen shot 2011 06 09 at 12.17.38 PMBrace yourself.

It looks like the world is going to see a little more of Rebecca Black.

The teen Internet sensation whose song “Friday” went viral earlier this year, apparently makes an appearance in Katy Perry’s new video for her song “Last Friday Night.”

According to Popeater, Perry released a teaser trailer for her new video that is set to come out June 14.

In the trailer, Perry, a ‘80’s geek, hosts a party that attracts a whole bunch of teens, including Rebecca Black.

Perry is seen drinking and partying at her house, before she suffers some mishaps along the way. She throws up inside a roller-skate, and part of her shirt falls off, revealing her chest.

Black doesn’t star in the trailer, but if you look closely she is sitting on a couch surrounded by other partygoers.

This isn’t the first high-profile gig that Black has been a part of. Back in May, the 13-year-old’s “Friday” song was featured on an episode of Fox’s hit show “Glee.”

And it’s becoming clear that Perry is a fan of the teenager after she sang Black’s song at a concert in April, and is now including her in this video.

Black became an Internet sensation after her video took off earlier this year. She did, however, receive so much negative attention for the video, that former “American Idol” judge, Simon Cowell, stood up for her.

He told People magazine: ”I love her, the fact that she’s gotten so much publicity. People are so upset about the song, but I think it’s hysterical.”

Apparently, Katy Perry loves her too.