2 LI Couples on Lifetime’s ‘Love Handles’

Jaime and Eric
Eric and Jamie (Courtesy: Lifetime)
Jaime AND Eric
Eric and Jamie (Courtesy: Lifetime)

Two Long Island couples that experienced relationship problems in the past, will be featured on “Love Handles: A Couple in Crisis,” a Lifetime series that attempts to help overweight couples save their relationship and improve their health.

The executive producer, SallyAnn Salsano, who also produces “Jersey Shore,” discloses that she succeeded with the program’s help, and lost over 100 pounds all while strengthening her lifestyle and marital relationship.

The first couple, Eric and Jamie, will be featured in the docu-series on June 28. The Selden couple have been experiencing problems due to their weight and recent gastric bypass surgeries. Although they both received the treatment, Jaime’s surgery was not as successful as Eric’s.

Eric lost over 170 pounds and is obsessed with his health, which forces Jamie to hide her bad eating habits. Their weight issues are tearing the couple apart, according to Lifetime, and they are hoping the show will bring them closer together, as well as boost Jaime’s self esteem.

The season finale will feature another Long Island couple—Emily and Robert—who are engaged. Both have worked as teachers and live separately.  Their problems are mostly due to the fact that Robert is unemployed and spends most of his time playing video games.

robert and emily
Emily and Robert (Courtesy: Lifetime)

After several failed attempts to help Robert look for a job, Emily said she has lost the motivation to improve her own life.

“I’ve been there,” Salsano said in a statement. “So I know what makes a person in this situation happy, I know what makes them mad, I know how they feel and I know what makes them scream at each other until they just can’t scream anymore.”

Each couple will have an intense program that will last 60 days and include challenging workouts, and therapy to help them get back on track with their lives and their relationships.

The eight episode docu-series premiered on May 31.