Bilderberg Conference in Switzerland

This year, Switzerland will host the top secret conference, known as Bilderberg, attended by elite politicians and the most powerful people in the world. Over 120 high-ranking officials meet once a year and have done so since 1954 to speak candidly to discuss world issues explains CNBC.

Nothing can be confirmed due to the secrecy revolving the event that is allegedly taking place this weekend, but the history of the event is very much known.

According to Time, the first conference took place in the city of Oosterbeek in the Netherlands by Prince Bernhard of Holland.

The hotel in Holland, named the Bilderberg, where the first meeting was held gave the conference its name. The intentions of the conference were to bring together both sides of the world in order to discuss critical issues in the world.

The members that started this secret meeting thought that an off the record environment could bring about the kind of discussion that could help spark a better understanding. This three-day conference is kept secret so participants can speak openly.

The members are chosen for their roles in government, politics, industry, labor, education and communication. The website explains that two-thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America due to their experience and knowledge on the themes meant to be covered throughout the duration of the meetings.

There are 31 members in the committee including six from the United States, as well as David Rockefeller who is the Member Advisory Group.

After the conference is held the agenda of that particular meeting is then posted. This year’s conference will be attended by 130 elites and the agenda includes social networks and security issues, role of emerging economies, and new challenges in the Middle East.