Score Cheap Baseball Tickets

Harry Kalas
Associated Press
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Associated Press

As many families struggle to pay the bills as the recession continues, a trip to see a baseball game has become a luxury affordable to a chosen few. Yet the average Americans desire to take that trip to the ballpark hasn’t declined. As many seats remain empty during the games, online websites and even the teams themselves are trying to help fill the void.

A recent article by AOLs Daily Finance offers hope for those fans wishing to make their way back. The secondary market allows fans to get those prized tickets for half the price. Your mantra for searching for tickets should be as that of shopping: Never pay retail.

StubHub.com is the first hidden gem. The key here is to find tickets that are discounted enough to offset the 10 percent service charge. Same-day tickets are your best bet for a great deal on this site.

Travelzoo.com teamed up with baseball four years ago to offer out-of-state fans a great vacation to see their favorite team. However, their site works wonders for the in-state fan as well. The discounts on tickets often surpass 60 percent. This website is great in that it offers package deals including food, drink, and even socializing after the game.

Official MLB team sites also offer a great chance to snag a sweet deal. Many of the team’s websites offer drastic savings and also offer package-deals with Pepsi and other fan favorites at the ballpark.

Many suggest that scalpers are still the best way to avoid any sort of surcharges, although it does leave your night up in the air. For this reason it is important to check a few things before you head to the ballpark to attempt this. For one check the market conditions – the home team’s standing, the popularity of the opponent, starting pitchers, etc. It is also important to check ticket prices online so that you have an idea of what a good deal is when you hear it. Lastly, be sure to check your local scalping laws as ending your night in the back of a police car is less than desirable.

Happy hunting!