Anthony Weiner to Resign after Sexting Scandal

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Anthony Weiner / Associated Press

Anthony Weiner plans to resign from congress after it was revealed that the lawmaker was involved in a sexting scandal, according to multiple reports.

The controversy started in May when a provocative picture of Weiner surfaced on his Twitter account, allowing all his followers to catch a look of Weiner’s underwear.

As the photo went viral, Weiner lied and claimed that it was not a photo of him. After enduring a week of accusations and comments about the Twitter post, Weiner finally admitted in a press conference that he was responsible for the photo.  He said, “The picture was of me, and I sent it.” He also said that he would not let this scandal lead to him resigning, because he did not break the law, and he didn’t want it to affect his work in the government.

Shortly after the first picture surfaced, more embarrassing pictures came out, along with an 11-page sexting conversation that the congressman had with a Las Vegas woman.

Lawmakers from both side of the aisle called for the congressman to resign.  Earlier this week, President Obama said if he were Weiner, “I would resign.”

Weiner told House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) last night that he had made his decision and that he would leave, CNN reports.

Over the weekend, Weiner said that he was going to leave office temporarily so that he could enter rehab.

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