Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X

Apple announced today the release of a new version of the world’s most popular Pro video editing software. The new software is said to completely reinvent video editing with a Magnetic Timeline that lets you edit on a flexible, trackless canvas. It also features Content Auto-Analysis that categorizes your content upon import by shot type, media and people, and background rendering that allows you to work without interruption.

Final Cut Pro X is supposed to be the biggest advance in Pro video editing since the original Final Cut Pro was released. Final Cut Pro X is retailing at the Mac App Store for $299.99 and is said to have amazing new features.

At the core of Final Cut Pro X lies the Magnetic Timeline. With this feature, you are able to arrange clips wherever you want them as other clips simply slide out of the way. The Clip Connections feature allows the user to link primary story clips to titles, sound effects and so on. You are also able to combine related story elements into a Compound Clip that can edited as a single clip. Lastly, the Auditions feature lets you swap between a collections of clips to instantly compare takes.

Final Cut Pro X includes Content Auto-Analysis which scans your media upon import and tags your content with useful information. It then uses the information to organize your clips into Smart Collections allowing the user to easily find the clips you want. You are also able to tag parts of clips with Range-based keywords to add custom search criteria to the media.

Final Cut Pro X uses multi-thread processing and the GPU on your graphics card allowing real-time playback performance. ColorSync-managed color pipeline ensures color constituency from import to output.  It also includes powerful tools for audio editing and color correction and is complemented by two additional apps, Motion 5 for professional motion graphics and Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding. Both Motion 5 and Compressor 4 are available for $49.99 from the Mac App Store.