Hurricane Beatriz Pounds Mexico

It’s officially hurricane season. Yesterday heavy rains and strong winds from Hurricane Beatriz left its destruction on the beaches of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

According to the Huffington Post, drastic flooding in the streets forced authorities to close down popular tourist ports in the storm’s path. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said that Beatriz’s winds grew to a hurricane-force 75 mph storm quite rapidly. As a result a hurricane warning was issued Monday night for Zihuatanejo northwest to Cabo Corrientes. Ports were closed in Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo as a result of the intense storm.

Beatriz was located about 85 miles southeast of Manzanillo late Monday, and was moving northwest at 12 mph. Yesterday there was a light rainfall in Manzanillo but the hurricane is supposed to arrive early today. The eye of the storm should pass within 37 miles of the town. Warnings to stay off the beaches were released yet most people continued on their regular routine.

Along the coast of Zihuataneojo officials ordered the port be closed completely and sanctioned five safe shelters be prepared in the case of floods or mudslides.

Many streets experienced extreme flooding. In Acapulco the ports were closed and Mexican soldiers and marines were sent out on a rescue mission in preparation for home evacuations.

Hurricane Beatriz seems to be a teaser of the possibilities of the budding hurricane season, but its impact was definitely felt in Mexico. Authorities say that 100 homes were flooded as a result of the storm and about 30 parked cars were swept away. Approximately 20 trees fell and heavy flooding was experienced in multiple areas. Thankfully only one person was injured during this hurricane, tourist Arturo Olayo of Puebla. Olayo was injured when a tree fell over him. He was transported to a nearby hospital yet his condition remains unclear.

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