Baby Falcon Injured in Central Islip

A baby Peregrine Falcon, like thsi one, was found at the federal courthouse in Central Islip this week.
A baby Peregrine Falcon, like this one, was found at the federal courthouse in Central Islip this week.

A baby Peregrine Falcon is being treated for an injury to its left wing after the bird tried to leave her nest atop the federal courthouse in Central Islip this week. Experts say the bird is expected to make a full recovery.

Bobby Horvath, a licensed wildlife trapper from Massapequa, believes it is likely that the young bird of prey fell as it attempted one of its first flights but instead smacked into the building and plummeted to the ground where court officials found it. It is there that Horvath was able to catch the bird in a net and take it in for treatment.

“They are kind of scarce, not a real common species, and they’re considered an endangered species in New York State,” said Horvath. He said he spotted at least one other baby falcon sitting on the ledge of the sixth floor of the courthouse while he was there. He believes there could three or four baby falcons total.

Court officials first reportedly noticed a male and female falcon making a nest atop the roof of the The Alfonse M. D’Amato United States Courthouse some time ago but up until now remained unaware that there were baby falcons as well.

The nest has been nearly impossible for the maintenance staff to get a look at since it is too dangerous to reach without risking serious injury. Horvath saw the nest from afar and said it is out on a ledge.

Falcons are a protected species in New York State. Peregrines are among the fastest birds in the world reaching speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour.

“Their numbers are on an increase which is a good sign,” Horvath said. “We are surprised to find a new pair here and there, just like this one. Even in New York City there are some new pairs showing up.”

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