One Armed Man Catches Ball in Hat at Yankee Game [Pictures]


IMG01304 20110624 1949While the New York Yankees are at home playing the Colorado Rockies, a man in the stands caught a fly ball.

Now, this is pretty awesome as is. But this man only has one arm. Meanwhile, we couldn’t catch a ball with three arms.

AND he caught the ball with his baseball cap.

He leaned over and stretched out his arm, hat in hand, and made a perfect catch.

IMG01302 20110624 1948

We’re still waiting for a video of the catch, so consider this a request. If you have a video please share!

In the mean time check out the reactions on Twitter:

@Nromano99: 1 armed yankee fan maid a great catch on a bouncing foul ball

IMG01303 20110624 1949

@MrMacGyver: Watching the Yankee game and I just seen a one arm dude catch a foul ball

@madefelice: That was awesome. Guy with one arm made a awesome catch on a foul ball during the Rox/Yankee game.

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