Monique Lhuillier wedding dress (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
Monique Lhuillier wedding dress (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

As the wedding day approaches and a nervous breakdown becomes an increasing threat, rest assured that we’ve got your back.

Everyone needs a little advice, and what better way to get it than from an expert. Straight from PWP experts, come this helpful tips page to help get any bride through the stresses of a wedding day.

Here are the perfect tips for anyone planning a wedding:

1. Do not watch the weather channel the night before your wedding! A little bit of rain is not going to stop you from going down the aisle!

2. Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of shoes. After 4 hours even sneakers start to hurt.  Make sure the shoe is high enough so your dress does not drag!

3. Water proof mascara is your best friend.

4.  Always carry your bouquet low.  You don’t want to hide behind your flowers!

5. Don’t forget to eat the morning of your wedding. You are going to need the strength to carry that beautiful dress for 8 hours.

6. Smile during you first dance. Everyone is watching.

7. Purchase your shoes before your first fitting. Once they cut your dress that’s it.

8. Do not tan or sit in the sun two days prior to your wedding day. It takes 48 hours for a tan or a burn to fully develop. We don’t want any surprises the big day.

9. When you find your wedding shoes start walking around the house in them. We want them to feel great on your feet the day of your wedding.

10. Place 2 small fake rings on the ring bearer pillow just in case you can not untie them up at the altar or they get drop.

11. Looking for a gift for you bridesmaids? Why not pay for either their hair or make up to be done. This kind gesture will take care of at least one of those extra expenses of being in the bridal party.

12. Setting up a joint banking account is a great way to keep track of the monetary gifts you receive.

13. If your shoes are a little too tight, rub some witch hazel along the insides. If they’re still a little snug put a pair of socks on with your damp shoes and take a stroll around the house.

15. Spray tan mishaps? For small areas like hands, feet, and knees, spray a little windex on the spot and scrub with a warm wash cloth.

16. Don’t wash your hair the day of your wedding, day old hair will keep your curls in place all day.

17. Go Green! Instead of writing out a place card for each of your guest, save paper and use a single seating chart with the list of your guest’s names and table numbers on it.

18. Go Green! Give small plants as favors.

19. Go Green! Try invites made of recycled paper to set the tone of your event.

20.Go Green! Don’t forget order your wedding Invitations 6 months before the big day.

21. Don’t forget to update or apply for your passports if needed.

22.  Shop for you bridal gown during the week. The salon won’t be as crowded.

23. When shopping for your Bridal gown, shoot for the earliest appointment of the day.  This way the attendance has the ability to spend concentrate on you.

24. Scrap book pictures from magazine of floral ideas to bring to your floral designer. Now they can see exactly what you’re looking for.

25. The best way to match your flowers to your bridesmaids dress is to bring swatches of fabric to your florist.

26.  Don’t forget to save the scraps of fabrics from you bridal dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses. Your florist can wrap the stems of the bouquets with the fabric. They will look beautiful.