Beyonce Video: Beyonce Surprises Kids at Target Dance Party

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Shoppers at a Harlem Target were trying to get quick deals for the Fourth of July, when Beyonce made a special appearance to surprise some of her young fans.

On Thursday, the Harlem Target celebrated its one-year anniversary, according to MTV. The Boys and Girls Club was in attendance when Beyonce performed her new track “Countdown,” off her new album “4.” She even taught the youngsters the dance moves to the track.

In the footage posted on Rap-up.com, Beyonce said, “I’d like to thank the Boys and Girls Club for coming out. I hope y’all had fun learning the choreography to ‘Countdown’ today,” she told the crowd, in footage posted on Rap-up.com. “I hope you guys enjoy the new album 4.”

John Butcher, Target’s vice president of entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter, that day one sales of Beyonce’s new album were great. Target will also order more CDs from Sony soon.

The company’s vice president has reason to order more albums. The deluxe edition of “4” is only available at Target. The album is expected to hit #1 on the Billboard album charts, selling over 300,000 units.

“4” is Miss Knowles fourth studio album and first since her 2008 album, “I Am… Sasha Fierce.” The album has received mixed reviews. Spin Magazine gave the album 8 out of 10 stars, while NME only gave the album 4 stars out of 10. The divas latest album can be purchased at Target.com for 13.99.