Michael Jackson: Murdered?


Shortly following the pop star’s death questions were immediately raised as to the true reason behind his sudden departure from this world. According to Popeater, La Toya Jackson believes her brother was murdered.

Jackson discusses her distant relationship with her family and her eventual reconciliation in the second half of her memoir, ‘Starting Over.’ Jackson told TMZ reporters details about her beliefs surrounding her brother’s death in a recent interview. Jackson admits she believes that Dr. Conrad Murray may have been a “fall guy” in a conspiracy to murder her brother.

Jackson believes the motive behind the murder was to obtain the extremely lucrative list of Michael’s chart topping hits. Jackson even believes that her brother may have been aware that there was a chance that this could happen.

Although Jackson’s battle for the truth is unpopular among her other family members she continues to search for the truth for the sake of Jackson’s three children. Jackson told reporters that Michael desired to leave his fortune to his children yet now they have been left with virtually nothing.

When questioned further by reporters regarding his alleged murder, Jackson stated that the people Michael warned her about, are actually the ones behind his death. She also noted that those are the same people controlling his estate now.

Jackson believes the alleged murder was over the rights to Michael Jackson’s publishing catalog. She told reporters that her brother actually told her this shortly before his death.

Although Michael’s death was portrayed in most mainstream media as a drug overdose, Jackson believes that her brother had been clean for a long time. The only drug found in the pop star’s system upon death was an immense amount of propofol, enough to kill an elephant.

Jackson says she would love to sit down with Dr. Murray and discuss the conspiracy that she believes is behind the murder of her beloved brother.