The Goodbye to a Former First Lady Receives An Unexpected Twist

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Associated Press
obit betty ford 1326625742 v2.grid 4x2
Associated Press

As the world said goodbye to the former first lady, the other first ladies went a step farther. According to Associated Press, Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan, Maria Shriver and Hillary Clinton all plan to attend Ford’s California funeral on July 12.

The second service will be held in Great Rapids, Michigan, the same location that the former president Gerald Ford, and Ford’s husband, is buried. At this event, Barbara Bush is supposed to be one of the former first ladies present.

But first ladies won’t be the only one at the service, protesters are planning to attend as well.

Westboro Baptist Church expressed its plans to picket both of the funerals and according to the Church’s website, they plan to picket the funerals because Betty Ford divorced her first husband, William Warren, and then remarried Gerald Ford. The people at the Westboro Baptist Church view her actions as adulteress. Another problem the Church had with Ford was that, “she pushed for abortion, because when you teach a nation’s women to be whores, its inevitable pregnancies will inconvenience the selfish strumpets.”

The Westboro Church, who received the right to picket on in March after a Supreme Court Case, is a extremist church located in Topeka, Kansas, reported the Washington Post, and has received a huge amount of attention over the past few years due to its extremist mentality.

Their presence will only add to the upsetment and remorse that will be prominent on those two days.

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