Missing Brooklyn Boy Reportedly Found Dead


110713084735 071311 kletzkyyAccording to Fox News, a dismembered body, believed to be the missing boy from Brooklyn, was found Wednesday in both a dumpster and a man’s refrigerator.

The boy, Leibby Kletzy, 9, went missing late Monday after he was began walking home from Boyan Day Camp in Brooklyn. A security video reveals the last image of the boy as he was talking to a man in a car. Leibby was reportedly meeting his mother at a doctor’s appointment only a few blocks away when he went missing.

It’s believed that a 35-year-old man is now in custody at the moment after the child’s remains were reportedly found inside his refrigerator. The man is reportedly the same one who told police to check the dumpster for the boy’s remains.

The shocking discovery was made by investigators who noticed the man on a security video, going into a local dentist around the same time the boy went missing Monday, reported Fox News. The dentist reported that the man was not a patient but was paying a bill for someone. After tracking him down, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said they made the grisly discovery of his remains in a working refrigerator in a top-floor apartment at 466 East 2nd Street, according to the Wall Street Journal Blog.

Earlier this week, family and friend of Leibby along with neighbors and police organized a massive volunteer search for him, offering a reward of a reported $100,000.