BP Pipeline Leaks on Alaska’s Tundra

Associated Press
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Associated Press

Another pipeline leak for BP, this time at its Alaska oil fields.

BP announced that during a testing procedure the pipeline broke allowing a mixture of methanol and oily water to leak out onto the tundra.

According to Reuters, the incident occurred at its 30,000 barrel per day Lisburne field, which is currently closed for maintenance. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said the spill occurred on Saturday and released anywhere from 2,100 to 4,200 gallons of oil onto the Alaskan land.

The oil giant’s reputation was previously stained after the much publicized Gulf of Mexico spill, and the current spill isn’t doing much to help mend their shaky reputation in the eyes of the public. But although another tarnish to the company’s reputation, this incident is nothing in comparison to the leak in the Gulf of Mexico that splurged nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the water.

Alaskan officials say that the Lisburne location remains shut off while the spill is being addressed. This recent spill brings risks to slow-growing vegetation along the Alaskan tundra, but more so creates grave concern around the world as to the containment and safety precautions being taken at oil fields.

As a result of this rupture, the pipeline will need to be dug up in order to disclose the reason for this occurrence. The London-based BP has a unfortunate history of oil spills and this recent incident has done nothing to help an already shaky reputation.