Heat Wave: Kills 13 So Far

Jason DeCrow/ AP / File Photo
Jason DeCrow/ AP / File Photo

The heat wave spreading across America is slowly making its way to the East coast and it’s looking quite dangerous.

According to ABC News, the soaring temperatures have led authorities to place 20 states under heat warnings or advisories. The National Weather Service reported “The large area of high pressure responsible for the heat will expand eastward by midweek, with temperatures reaching the mid-90’s in the Mid-Atlantic states as early as Wednesday.”

This week a record breaking 40 to 50 states will reach temperatures soaring above 90 degrees. The heat wave is hitting poorer communities the hardest. In Minneapolis, the Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center has opened its doors to those seeking air conditioning and a cool beverage.

Following the 1995 heat wave in Chicago that killed more than 700 people in a weeks time, the state is providing free rides to one of the six cooling centers in the state during this year’s heat wave.

According to MSNBC, 13 deaths in the Midwest are said to be connected to this year’s heat wave so far. As temperatures soared across the Midwest, many roads buckled as asphalt reached temperatures over 150 degrees.

The U.S. Humane Society is concerned that the deadly heat wave may kill thousands of livestock. Oklahoma poultry producers have been using fans and hosing down rooftops in order to lower the temperatures.

Experts say the high humidity alongside the heat will make this heat wave even more devastating.

Utility companies urge people to try their best to conserve energy during heat waves. Turning off electronics that are not in use is important. Closing drapes during the day can greatly aid in keeping your home’s temperature down.