Leopard Attacks 11 In Village (Photos)

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Associated Press
Associated Press

A leopard attacked 11 people in an Indian village near Siliguri Tuesday.

The male leopard attacked villagers and officials as they tried to drive it out of the area with knives and stones. The cat put up quite the fight and according to the Associated Press, injured six villagers, a policeman and four forest guards.

The leopard was eventually taken down with a tranquilizer gun, after several failed attempts. The big cat later died of injuries sustained during the fight.

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The attack follows a string of leopard attacks.  The animals that are protected in India, have been more frequently attacking humans.

The Associated Press reported that leopards find there way into villages in search of food.

A recent study found leopards across India were now living, hunting and mating on the edge of, and even in, human settlements, reported The Australian, and officials say it could be due to the disappearance of prey due to poaching, and deforestation.