Lohan Can’t Afford Therapy, Probation May Be Revoked

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan will reportedly pose nude for Playboy


Associated Press

Lindsay Lohan attended another court hearing on Thursday to follow up on her misdemeanor theft charge and past drunk driving incident.

The 25-year-old actress was previously ordered by Judge Stephanie Sautner to take a course on shoplifting, complete community service as well as attend psychological counseling. According to Access Hollywood, Lohan’s attorney Shawn Champman Holley said Lohan can’t afford to be privately counseled.

Judge Sautner ordered Lohan to attend therapy within 21 days or risk having her probation revoked after Holley claimed she didn’t want Lohan in free group counseling due to privacy reasons.

“I don’t want group counseling for her, I want one-on-one,” said Judge Sautner. “She needs to get into counseling, I’m going to give her 21 days. If she doesn’t have the means, maybe she knows somebody who can help. Find someone with a credit card.”

Judge Sautner reportedly also scolded Lohan for not yet finished her community service hours saying, “I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.’ Trust me, she will be held to that deadline.”

According to TMZ, Lohan’s probation officer claims that Lohan has also yet to pay $3,900 in community services fees, did not return the calls from the officer and did not present proof of being involved in a community service program.

The report says that Judge Sautner threw out the claims saying that the fees were to be paid over the course of three years, that Lohan did call and that she did not owe the probation officer proof of community service hours. The owners of Kamofie & Company, the jewelry store where Lohan allegedly stole a necklace from in January, is now in a bidding war with Christopher Spencer, the man who sold the surveillance video to the AP, TMZ reported. According to the jewelry store owners, Geoff and Sofia Kaman, Spencer did not share in the profits of the video with the pair which has no caused a possible lawsuit over the video.

Lohan’s next follow up court case is set for October 19.

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