The Wedding Blues!

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Something Blue Shoes / HBO screenshot
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Carrie Bradshaw's Something Blue Shoes / HBO screenshot

It has been a long practiced tradition for brides to have their very special “Something Blue.” Brides will incorporate the color into their wedding day attire in various ways including their garter, undergarments, jewelry, hair pieces, flowers and the recently popular trend, the wedding shoes.

However the “Something Blue” tradition has turned into a specific shade of blue; baby blue or Tiffany Blue. With companies in the wedding industry pushing products in these shades brides seem to forget that any blue will do.

Blues’ such as Navy and Royal deserve attention, the deep pop of color will add character to your look and can easily be tied into colors that have been selected for your bridesmaids dresses, linens, and even floral centerpieces.

Navy is great color to incorporate that can be matched with brighter colors like Yellow and bring your wedding back in time. The color Navy exudes a sense of tradition and pride, if you are looking to incorporate the military during your wedding wearing Navy shoes or having Navy and Gold Accents in your linens and table settings is a great way to work in that “salute.”

Royal Blue speaks for itself, the rich jewel toned color has a presence all in it’s own. It is a color that was boldly pushed into the wedding world by the trendsetter herself Sara Jessica Parker. She wore a pair of Royal Blue Monolo Blahnik’s for her “Big” Wedding. This color could compete with Tiffany Blue any day and now is offered through a variety of shoe designers. When your shoes are this vibrant, photographers will capture them while on and off your feet. It is the perfect color when you want that romantic black and white picture with just the shoes in color.

When selecting your something blue for good-luck use the opportunity to set your wedding apart from everyone els’s. With designers producing shoes in a variety of blue colors besides Baby Blue and Tiffany Blue, find a Blue that is you!